Become A Successful Psychic Artist

This workshop is for those who have completed one or more of the on-line courses in;

  • How to go from beginner to professional psychic artist
  • The toolkit package to become a successful psychic artist

We meet so many amazing talented mediums and psychic artists who can clearly communicate with spirit. They can draw whilst they are channeling but very limited in drawing/painting skills, often drawing out of proportion and lacking 3 dimension. Most psychic artists we meet can only work in one art medium (E.g. pastels or pencil) as well as spend too much time per client. Like any skill it is developed and mastered to be used creatively to help others.

There is a high demand and level of interest for these workshops we offer a limited number of spaces on the annual workshop with a maximum of 4-6 students attending. This workshop runs over a 3 day period in Sussex.

In your 3 day how to become a successful psychic artisit workshop, you will discover;

  • How to be creative with various painting mediums (including acrylics, oils, brusho)
  • Tips and techniques that will take your painting beyond the basics and intermeadiate level
  • Simple and advanced steps that enhance what you can offer your clients
  • Understanding the reason why unknown spiritual beings introduce themselves to you
  • New powerful tools that will help you discover and evolve your spiritual connection through the healing of your canvas
  • Discover how the spiritual realm will highlight blocks in your paintings preventing your clients moving forward in any area of their life
  • How to promote your psychic art and stand out from the crowd!


Your investment of £597 includes;

3 days of intensive personalised tuition within a small group (max 4-6)

Refreshments and a light lunch

All materials including; canvases, paints, brushes, cleaning materials and painting accessories

Promotion of your services with Angel Divinity

A 20% gift voucher to use with any product / service with Angel Divinity


This course is not for you if you are not willing to commit 3 days to your own personal development with an open mind, to detach away from your busy life schedule and be willing to practice in order to grow this skill.

If you would be interested in joining us on a workshop please send an email to us at and we will add you to our waiting list.

All workshops now fully booked for 2018