Angel Card Readings

Welcome to our angel card readings page.

A place where you can connect with our experienced psychic readers offering clear messages from the angels with simple & effective guidance to create change within your life.

You'll discover how the angels offer guidance and are always in our lives (even if you don't feel, hear, see or sense them) supporting you at each stage (even if you are not being supported and heard in your life). They help you understand how you can find simple and effective solutions to the challenges that you are facing (without causing you major hurt or upset).

Receive an angel card reading from various card decks using simple question and answers, past, present and future reading or a more in depth 12-month reading.

These services are offered via skype (telephone/video link) or sent to you as an email, our gifted team have many years of working with people channelling messages from the angels. When making a booking for a reading we will respond within 48 hours and will endeavour to arrange a mutually convenient time within a 2-week time frame. This service is in high demand and therefore a waiting period maybe required to ensure we connect you with the experienced reader for your chosen service.

30 Minute Reading On Skype

Speak via Skype to one of our dedicated readers

60 Minute Reading On Skype

Speak via Skype to one of our dedicated readers

30 Minute Email Reading

Receive written messages

60 Minute Email Reading

Receive in-depth written messages