Simple and Effective Painting Techniques

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Discover how to be creative & develop your unique angels & fairies (even if you think you cannot draw or paint). This dynamic course gives you all our effective step by step methods & techniques to explore painting techniques creating angelic beings (whether you are a beginner or advanced student. Watch our introduction video to our dynamic course explaining each module. 

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Online Spiritual Painting Retreat - Exploring emotional healing with painting techniques Course Overview

Before starting this exciting journey of discovery let us look at what materials as well as how we can support you

How To Set Up Your Easel
How To Know Spirit Is Working With You
Creating A Safe Space
Closing Down A Safe Space
Introduction To EFT (Tool)

Quick access to all your set up & closing meditations aswell as emotional support tools throughout your painting journey

Opening The Space
Closing The Space
Using EFT When Emotions Surface

Discover how painting with the fairies give you a gentle introduction to their playful healing & connect with their energy

Introduction to Module 1 & Mindset
How To Fill In Emotional Form
Drip Technique - Part 1
Drip Technique - Part 2
Bonus - Painting To Music
Revisit this video when you would like to recap without the audio instructions
Fairy Opening
A Bonus opening to invite the fairies to enter your space

Discover how your life purpose is directly aligned with your guardian angel & how they heal your fear you have learnt along your journey on the planet

Introduction & Mindset
How Guardian Angels Help You
Guided audio drawing your Guardian Angels with the face templates
Dry Brush Technique - Painting Your Guardian Angel
Bonus - Painting To Music
Revisit this video when you would like to recap without the audio instructions

Discover how the Angels of emotional healing show you how your anger serves a purpose to change your path & embrace your boundaries

Introduction & Mindset
How Angels Help With Emotions
Toolkit - Emotional Angels
Sculpting With Paint Technique 1 - Healing Angels
Sculpting With Paint Technique 2 - Healing Angels
Bonus - Sekhmet Meditation
Bonus - Painting With Music

Discover how Angels of assertiveness teach you how to acknowledge & respect your feelings (when you give too much)

Introduction & Mindset
How Angels Paint Through You
Palette Knife Technique 1
Palette Knife Technique 2

Discover how angels of self love heal conditions you have learnt from childhood & teach you how to stop repeating the same mistakes

Introduction & Mindset
Self Love With The Angels
Toolkit Of Angels
Shapes Of Light Technique 1
Shapes Of Light Technique 2

This amazing bonus module gives you gifts to understand all painting techniques from each module as well as adapt the materials

Watercolour Tips & Techniques
Tips to look at how to handle the light & dark areas of your painting to 'stand out'
Acrylic Tips & Techniques
Tips & techniques when painting the face and understanding skin colour
Oil Painting 'Drip Technique'
Amazing technique used to create a face using oil paints
VIP Tips & Techniques To Improve Your Paintings
All the tips & techniques filmed for our VIP clients to enhance your paintings
How To Draw & Paint Fairies - Free Class Taster
This dynamic course painting fairies gives you all the tools to be able to draw & paint fairies in proportion

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