How To Create Fairy Jars

Discover the secret door of enchantment to letting go of being an adult & get in touch with your childhood (even if your time is limited)

How to create Fairy Jars

Fairies have been recorded for centuries with adults forever trying to connect with them. Fairies allow themselves to be seen through the eyes of children because they have not allowed society to close their imaginations, as well as giving love back to the planet. When we are asked by our clients; 'How do I connect with fairies?'

Our reply is always the same: 'Learn to become a child again'

If you think as an adult, you will never open your eyes to the amazing possibilities & gifts fairies constantly give to you

Your best teacher is a child. When you spend time with children, they teach you to let go of the 'adult' world & responsibilities, whilst remembering your childhood dreams

A fairy lantern is a wonderful start to introduce fairies into your garden - watch our free courses page for more ways to connect with fairies

Remember, a level of patience is always required, as you have to earn the trust of the fairies

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