Fairy Painting

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Discover how to be creative & develop your unique fairies (even if you don't know where to start). This dynamic course gives you all our secret tips & techniques to creating beautiful fairies. We hold your hand every step of the way. Watch our introduction video to our dynamic course explaining each module and how by you investing your time will give you amazing results in your artwork.

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Fairy Painting Course Overview

Introducing you to the world of Fairy Painting, and ensures you have everything you need to get started.

Thank you for investing in yourself. Please watch the video and take one step at a time. The first part of this course is giving you tools to draw fairies in proportion. Second part is about how the paints transform your fairies to life. The last part of this course focuses on how to draw and paint the fairy wings

Teaching you to have the skills & fundamentals to be able to draw in proportion easily

Module 1 - Lets Get Your Mindset Creative
Why do you need to learn the fundamentals? When you understand technical skills, you will be able to draw in proportion (even if you think you cannot draw). Listen to your introduction to module 1 to know what to expect. The first part of module 1 looks at drawing the skeleton structure. The second part is how to handle muscles. The third part is learning how to handle basic hands and feet
Drawing the spine
Learn how the spine moves so that you can create movement within your fairies & get them to look in proportion!
Drawing the muscles
Discover why learning about the muscles will support you to be able to know when and why you draw your fairies out of proportion. Applying and practising the basics will give you the confidence to be able to draw fairies in proportion
Drawing the hands
Hands are never difficult to draw - when you know how - Let me show you
Drawing the feet
The feet are always forgotten - and yet just as important - learn how to draw them in proportion

Teaching you all the techniques to know how to create & draw your own fairies in proportion

Module 2 - How to find inspiration creating your fairies
Welcome and see what Module 2 will be offering. All my secret tips & effective techniques to help you create dynamic fairies
Inspiration - 7 Step Formula
Here is my formula - How to find inspiration to create your own unique fairies. When you listen to the 7 Step formula to creating your fairies, use the fairy position templates uploaded so that you can start creating your fairies
Fairy Wings - The 7 Step Formula
Effective tips & techniques to help you with inspiration to create your fairy wings

All our secrets to painting techniques & getting your fairies to stand up off the canvas in 3 dimension

Lets Get Your Mindset To Paint
Change your thinking, change your life - its pretty simple
How To Draw On Your Canvas
Here are some easy options for you easily transfer your drawn fairies onto your canvas
Painting Technique 1 - Dry Brush with oils
Learn how to use oil paints with a dry brush technique
Painting Technique 2 - Brush Strokes With Oils
Learn how to use oil paints with this painting technique
Painting Technique 3 - Drip Technique With Oil Paints
Learn how to use this painting technique with oil paints

Teaching you how to be creative whilst building & painting your fairy wings

Lets Get Your Mindset To Paint Fairy Wings
Let us look at what you can do through the process when painting your fairy wings with your mindset
How To Get Your Ideas To Paint Your Fairy Wings
Learn my secrets to painting fairy wings so that you never run out of ideas
7 Step Formula - Painting Fairy Wings
Learn my simple & effective techniques to create beautiful fairy wings
Dry Brush Fairy Wings
Learn how to apply the dry brush technique to your fairy wings
Brush Stroke Fairy Wings
Learn how to apply the brush stroke technique to your fairy wings
Drip Technique Fairy Wings
Learn how to apply the drip technique to painting fairy wings

Extra techniques you can apply your learning to creating fairies

Lets Get Your Mindset Around Other Painting Techniques
Learn how to apply everything you have learnt to other painting mediums
How to use watercolour paints
Learn some simple & effective techniques how to use watercolours - and then go and use what you have learnt in your previous modules to apply it to the painting medium
How to use acrylic paints
Learn some simple & effective techniques how to use acrylic paints - and then go and use what you have learnt in your previous modules to apply it to the painting medium
How to use brusho
Learn some simple & effective techniques how to use brusho - and then go and use what you have learnt in your previous modules to apply it to the painting medium
How To Create Atmosphere To Your Paintings
Learn how to create those soft and light looking paintings with atmosphere
How To Work With Detail & Hard Lines
Learn how to use hard lines with detail & when to know you have done too much detail

Theory of fairies & fairy gifts for you

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